LisbonMaintenance Centre

TAG Aviation Lisbon Maintenance Centre

TAG Aviation Lisbon provides Maintenance Services to clients in the South of Europe, as well as to Portuguese-speaking clients hailing from countries in Africa and South America.  

TAG Aviation Lisbon Maintenance Centre is the result of a long term collaboration and recent official partnership with Vinair, a highly reputable private jet operator implemented in Lisbon since 1991. 

Aircraft Type Approvals

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Aircraft types
B = Base    L = Line    A = ASC
Falcon 2000EX (PW308) - Falcon 2000EX / F2000EX EASy
Falcon 900 (TFE 731) - Falcon 900 / 900B / 900C
Falcon 7X (PW307A)
Falcon 50 (TFE 731) - Falcon 50 / 50EX
  • Dassault

Regulatory Authorities Approvals

  • EASA Part 145 - Federal Office of Civil Aviation
  • Aruba - Department of Civil Aviation
  • Bermuda – Department of Civil Aviation
  • United Arab Emirates – General Civil Aviation Authority
  • United States of America – Federal Aviation Administration
  • India – Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia - General Authority of Civil Aviation
  • Republic of Togo - National Civil Aviation Agency
  • Turkey - Directorate General of Civil Aviation
  • Isle of Man

Workshops and services

With ten specialised workshops at your service, TAG Aviation's highly-trained mechanics provide the ultimate 'One-Stop-Shop' service, taking care of all your aircraft's maintenance requirements.

  • Cleaning / Aircraft Detailing
  • Line Maintenance
  • Ramp services

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