TAG Aviation Le Bourget Maintenance Service Centre Becomes an Authorised Honeywell Dealer

  • TAG Aviation Le Bourget Maintenance Service Centre Becomes an Authorised Honeywell Dealer

Geneva, 24th May 2016 - TAG Aviation’s Maintenance Service Centre located at Le Bourget Airport in Paris is delighted to announce it has become an Authorised Dealer for Honeywell’s Commercial Aerospace Avionics Products.

Under this exciting collaboration and the terms of the 5-year agreement, TAG Aviation is set to provide Honeywell avionics sales and support solutions to its customers worldwide.

TAG Aviation Le Bourget is now authorised to promote and sell a wide range of the leading US manufacturer’s products including entertainment system, satcom, cabin system as well as other avionics system solutions. Honeywell’s diverse product range features avionics equipment for virtually every type of currently operated business and commercial jet available today.

“We welcome the opportunity for our line maintenance facility at Paris-Le Bourget to become an authorised Honeywell Dealer”, said Franck Madignier, President Maintenance and FBO Services, TAG Aviation Europe. “TAG Aviation’s extensive industry experience, wide maintenance network and knowledge of business operations in cooperation with Honeywell’s innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions is a collaboration which I am certain will be of considerable benefit to both companies.”

“We recognise the effort and commitment you have put forth to become an authorised Honeywell Dealer”, said Brian Sill, President Commercial Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “As an authorised dealer TAG Aviation is now able to provide Honeywell avionics support solutions for our mutual customers. As we work together to provide these solutions, we offer you the support of our worldwide customer sales and support network.”

TAG’s Le Bourget Maintenance Service Centre is an authorised Line Maintenance facility for Bombardier business jets and is the only ASF at Le Bourget. Offering comprehensive maintenance services for Bombardier business aircraft, TAG Aviation La Bourget is located in one of the busiest and most important business aviation airports in Europe.