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SOP/SEP Initial

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SOP/SEP Initial

SOP/SEP Initial

This course has been designed for those who are new to the Aviation industry or returning after a period of absence and require a more in-depth knowledge of Safety Emergency Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SEP / SOP).
Requirements under Appendix 1 to part CC and ORO.FC.230

Course Duration: 4.5 Hours
Schedule: Tuesdays, 12.30 - 17.00

Aviation and Aviation Regulations

  • Passenger Distribution
  • Meteorology including Turbulence Procedures
  • Effects of aircraft Surface Contamination
  • Passenger Boarding
  • Aviation regulations
  • Role of the competent authority
  • Duties and responsibilities of Cabin Crew
  • Response to emergency situations
  • Competence and Fitness
  • Manual amendment / update of information
  • Performing in accordance with the Operations Manual
  • Pre-flight Crew Briefing


  • Effective communication between Flight and Cabin Crew

Passenger Handling and Cabin Surveillance

  • Special Categories of Passengers
  • Able Bodied passengers by unsupervised exits
  • Safe stowage of baggage and cabin service items
  • Recognition and management of drunks / drugs /aggressive passengers
  • Live animals in the Cabin
  • Duties in turbulence and securing the cabin
  • Motivation of passengers and Crowd control in emergency evacuations

All Normal and Emergency Procedures including:

  • Provision of safety information through passenger briefing and safety demonstration
  • Non pressurisation, slow and sudden decompression, donning of portable oxygen equipment by each crew member
  • Other in-flight emergencies
  • Recognition of unusable exit
  • Pilot Incapacitation including use of a checklist for Cabin Crew

Passenger handling and crowd control

  • Generic verbal commands
  • Marshalling passengers away from the aircraft
  • Evacuation of SCPs with emphasis on PRMs
  • Authority and Leadership

Location, removal & use of safety and emergency equipment relevant to a/c type

  • Life jackets donning & practical handling of Infant life jackets and floatation cots (if applicable)
  • Fire extinguishers and PBE handling (relevant to a/c type)
  • Communication equipment, megaphones, crash axe, torches
  • Slide raft, life rafts, survival pack and their contents
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Other portable safety equipment

Over Wing Exit practical training for approved aircraft types (UK Only).

The following topics should be covered by the operator:

  • Aviation Terminology
  • Theory of Flight
  • Seat allocation – mass and balance
  • FTL and rest requirements
  • Techniques, common language and terminology