Crew Resource Management


Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management is used by crew to enhance the safety of every flight. It promotes the use of non-technical skills, like teamwork and decision making to ensure sound situational awareness and problem solving.

This course is part of the Initial Cabin Crew Course, which allows participants to complete all the necessary subjects required to be a fully initial Cabin Crew Member. The course meets all requirements of the EASA Implementing Rules for the safety training of Cabin Crew.


  • General principles - in depth
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • General Instructions on CRM principles and Objectives
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Personality Awareness
  • Human Error and Reliability
  • Attitudes and Behaviours
  • Self Assessment
  • Stress and Stress Management
  • Fatigue and Vigilance
  • Assertiveness
  • Situation Awareness
  • Information Acquisition and Processing