Dangerous Goods Awareness


Dangerous Goods Awareness

The Dangerous Goods Awareness course promotes awareness of the handling of Dangerous Goods on board the aircraft and the principles that regulate the carriage of Dangerous Goods.

This course is part of the Initial Cabin Crew Course, which allows participants to complete all the necessary subjects required to be a fully initial Cabin Crew Member. The course meets all requirements of the EASA Implementing Rules for the safety training of Cabin Crew.

If attending the 4 day course, this will be completed as an e-Learning.

If attending the 6 day course, this will be completed in the classroom.


  • Definition of Dangerous Goods
  • Categories of Dangerous Goods (introduction)
  • Applicability
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Identification of Dangerous Goods (incl. the use of IATA dangerous goods regulations – section 4)
  • Limitations for Dangerous Goods
  • Provisions for Passengers and  Crew (including the use of table 2.3A)


  • Workshop and case studies
  • Hidden Dangerous Goods
  • Marking & Labelling
  • Packing Groups
  • Notice to Captain (NOTOC)
  • Loading Procedures
  • Damaged Packages
  • Emergencies / Spillages in flight (including use of ‘emergency response guide’ and kit)

Training conducted in accordance with the ICAO Technical Instructions.