Theory of Fire and Smoke


Theory of Fire and Smoke

The Theory of Fire and Smoke course covers the risks associated with Fire and Smoke and a range of practical exercises undertaken within a bespoke Business Aviation Training Rig to introduce Crews to the reality of dealing with fire in an aircraft.

This course is part of the Initial Cabin Crew Course, which allows participants to complete all the necessary subjects required to be a fully initial Cabin Crew Member. The course meets all requirements of the EASA Implementing Rules for the safety training of Cabin Crew.


  • Prompt dealing with emergency involving fire and smoke
  • Importance of identifying source of fire
  • Importance of informing flight crew immediately
  • Specific actions necessary for co-ordination and assistance in fire/smoke
  • Checking of fire risk areas, toilets and smoke detectors
  • Classification of fires
  • Appropriate extinguisher and procedures for particular fire situations
  • Technique of application and consequence of misapplication
  • Use of an extinguisher in a confined space
  • Practical Training in Fire Fighting
  • Practical donning and use of smoke protection equipment
  • Ground Based emergency services procedures

Please note generic PBE and BCF used during training unless operator specified.