Theory of Flight / Meteorology


Theory of Flight / Meteorology

The Theory of Flight / Meteorology course covers the generic theory needed for all Cabin Crew, new and experienced.

This course is part of the Initial Cabin Crew Course, which allows participants to complete all the necessary subjects required to be a fully initial Cabin Crew Member. The course meets all requirements of the EASA Implementing Rules for the safety training of Cabin Crew.


  • Theory of Flight
  • Passenger Distribution
  • Areas of Operation
  • Meteorology
  • Effects of aircraft surface contamination
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Role of the competent authority
  • Duties and Responsibility of Cabin Crew
  • Response to emergency situations (covered in SEP/SOP Passenger handling)
  • Competence and fitness
  • FTL and rest requirements
  • Manual Amendment / update of information
  • Performing in accordance with the Operations manuals
  • Pre-flight briefings of Cabin Crew (covered in SEP/SOP Passenger handling)
  • Provisions of Safety Information (covered in SEP/SOP Passenger handling)
  • Authority / responsibility for evacuation and other emergency procedures (covered in SEP/SOP Passenger handling)


  • Aviation Terminology, common language and Techniques
  • Effective between C/C and F/C