The Republic of San Marino is a landlocked sovereign State located in the northeastern part of the Italian peninsula. The San Marino Aircraft Registry is open for private, corporate and commercial air transport operations. Our registration prefix is T7-

San Marino Aircraft Registry, a leading provider of aircraft registry services. We specialize in offering comprehensive and efficient solutions for aircraft registration, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and international standards.

Our team of dedicated professionals has a wealth of experience in the aviation industry, and we understand the importance of a streamlined and reliable aircraft registration process. Whether an individual owner, an aviation company, or a leasing entity, our services are tailored to meet their specific needs and ensure a seamless registration experience.

Key features of our aircraft registry services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance: We stay up-to-date of the latest ICAO standards and ensure that our aircraft meets all necessary international requirements. Since we are not part of the EU or EASA.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Our streamlined processes and attention to detail guarantee a swift and accurate registration process, minimizing any potential delays.
  • Personalized Support: Our dedicated admin and technical team is committed to providing personalized support throughout the registration, airworthiness, or certification process. Clients can rely on us, queries are promptly answered and are guided through every step.
  • International Coverage: Our aircraft operate and based internationally, therefore our airworthiness and Flight Operations inspectors are globally based proving services covering a broad spectrum of jurisdictions, facilitating global operations.
  • Confidentiality: We prioritize on the confidentiality of our clients and internal CAA information.


David Colindres - President

David Colindres - President

As President of the San Marino Aircraft Registry, David is driven by a vision of advancing the registry's capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry. He is committed to leveraging technology and modernizing processes to enhance the efficiency and reliability of aircraft registration services. Additionally, he is focused on promoting international cooperation and harmonization to facilitate seamless aircraft transactions across borders.

David's unwavering dedication to aviation safety, regulatory compliance, and customer service continues to position the aircraft registry as a global leader in the field. His passion for aviation and his visionary leadership inspire confidence and drive progress in the industry.

Dave Marsh - San Marino CAA Designated Airworthiness Surveyor

Dave Marsh - San Marino CAA Designated Airworthiness Surveyor

Dave Marsh is currently a San Marino CAA Designated Airworthiness Surveyor and also has his own company Aero Safety Advisory Ltd. He was a Principal Airworthiness Surveyor with the UK CAA and since leaving has taken up part time positions with various operators in safety management, compliance and quality.