Air Charter Association Award for Manufacturer of The Year Nominee - Gulfstream

The Air Charter Excellence Awards are taking place on November 23rd in Brighton and TAG Aviation is proud to sponsor the category of Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year. Over the next few weeks leading up to the award ceremony, we are looking at each of the nominated manufacturers, including their history, the famous aircraft they produce, and their most significant achievements. 

Today, we are looking at the American aviation giant, Gulfstream. 

Who is Gulfstream?

Gulfstream is an American aircraft manufacturer and a subsidiary of General Dynamics. Unlike other contenders for this award, who work in multiple fields of aircraft manufacturing, Gulfstream specializes in only business aviation. 

Though this was not always the case when looking back at their history. 


Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation started as part of the famous Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, producing aircraft for military and civilian purposes since 1929.  

In 1958, Grumman produced the Gulfstream I, also known as the G-I, a turboprop aircraft that could seat up to 12 passengers. The G-I was designed for business travel, making it one of the oldest designs for private jets. The success of the G-I prompted the creation of the G-II, which was jet-powered, followed by later iterations. 

In the 1960s, to improve efficiency, Grumman split production of their civilian and military aircraft, with the civilian half moving to Savannah, Georgia, where Gulfstream is still headquartered today. 

The 1970s saw Grumman sell their Gulfstream factory in Savannah to American Jet Industries. As a result, the former Grumman company became Gulfstream American. A decade later, in 1982, they would finally be known as Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation to reflect its worldwide scope. 

Business Aircraft and Accomplishments

Since the creation of the G-I, Gulfstream has manufactured numerous private jets. One common feature among them is their range, with a minimum of 3,600nm on their G280 and a maximum of 8,000nm on their G800. They have set numerous world records for speed and distance, highlighting their exceptional performance capabilities. 

Another common feature of Gulfstream is its specialization in producing midsize and super-midsize aircraft to large and ultra-long-range aircraft. Ample cabin space is also a frequent selling point for Gulfstream. 

Gulfstream has pioneered aviation technology, developing advanced features such as PlaneView™ cockpit, Enhanced Vision System (EVS), and the Symmetry Flight Deck. 

TAG wishes Gulfstream the best of luck within this prestigious category and would like to congratulate them for being nominated. 

Gulfstream's Nomination for ACA

When asked about the nomination for the awards, Gulfstream reflected on their history and achievements, with their spokesperson saying: 

“As a proud partner of TAG Aviation, Gulfstream is honored to be nominated for this year’s Manufacturer of the Year award.  

The decades of investments we have made in our aircraft have allowed us to create a next-generation fleet that provides an unmatched flying experience.  

Being able to offer the charter market access to this fleet so that customers can experience the Gulfstream difference in comfort, speed and efficiencies is a true pleasure.  

We are pleased to offer an aircraft for every mission and are delighted that our next generation of aircraft have been so well-received globally and on the charter sector of aviation.” 

TAG wishes Gulfstream the best of luck within this prestigious category and would like to congratulate them for being nominated


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