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TAG Aviation receives renewal of Wingman Certification at EBACE

  • TAG Aviation receives renewal of Wingman Certification at EBACE

TAG Aviation received renewed accreditation to the Wyvern Wingman program for its operations in Switzerland and Spain as part of an award ceremony at EBACE this year (19 May 2015). The company's operating centres in the UK and the Middle East also recently achieved renewed certification in October 2014 and April 2015 respectively.


The Wingman Certification is globally recognised as the industry's highest standard in aviation safety based and reflects a commitment to current aviation industry best practices and the highest level of safety and protocol. Wingman Operators must successfully pass a Wingman audit, which demands transparency with respect to safety records, operational history and operating procedures, pilot experience, established training practices and a close evaluation of critical programs such as the Safety Management System and Emergency Response Plan.


"We are a global business aviation company with unparalleled operational excellence. Safety is of prime importance to us and we continue to invest in safety systems, assuring our clients, industry partners and employees of the highest standards at all times", said Christof Späth, CEO TAG Aviation Europe. "The Wyvern Wingman Certification underpins our commitment to providing best-in-class service and operations."


"We are honored to congratulate TAG Aviation Switzerland and TAG Aviation Spain on achieving Wingman Certification. This is the fourth Wingman award presented to TAG Aviation in the last 12 months, with the fifth just now under review. Granting the last, it will bring the entire group of TAG Aviation AOC's into the Wingman program", said Art Dawley, CEO Wyvern. "This certification is a testament to TAG Aviation's continuing commitment to the highest levels of safety as well as their commitment to operating the highest levels of industry accepted best practices. Wyvern is proud to have TAG Aviation 'under our wing."


Photo caption:Left to right: Christof Späth, CEO, TAG Aviation Europe; Erwan Clolery, Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager, TAG Aviation; Art Dawley, CEO, Wyvern; and Marina Kraujalis, Director of Marketing & Communications, Wyvern.