TAG Aviation Embraces the Year of the Rabbit

The Lunar New Year is an international holiday marked in many Asian countries and celebrated by over two billion people worldwide. As many will know, the Lunar calendar is based on the 12 phases of the moon and in China, the Lunar New Year is a fifteen-day period lasting from one new moon to the next. The first day is known as the Spring Festival and the last is the widely recognised Lantern Festival.

The number of days, festival names and celebrations of the Lunar New Year differ from region to region across Asia, but its significance remains the same throughout. As with the western New Year, it represents letting go of the old year to embrace and celebrate with families and communities the possibilities of the new year, welcoming in peace and prosperity.

With this in mind and the recent opening of the Chinese borders, TAG Aviation is definitely looking forward to embracing 2023.  With its global presence throughout Asia, Europe and beyond, understandably, the Asian market plays a significant role in the success of TAG Aviation.

The animal which the Chinese zodiac assigns to this new year is the Rabbit. The Rabbit has many similar characteristics to TAG.  From being elegant, agile, energetic yet gentle whilst offering a calmer approach which aligns perfectly with TAG’s values and beliefs.

TAG can propose truly extensive possibilities; from aircraft management, aircraft charter, maintenance, training even down to its luxurious FBO in Macau.

The history of TAG speaks for itself from its conception in Switzerland in the 1960’s to today’s evolving brand which still very much holds its Swiss heritage and Technique D’Avant Garde to heart.

As we enter the year of the Yin Rabbit, elements combine to reveal the behaviour and character of the year to come.  This gives us relaxation and fluidity, components that TAG endeavour to bring to every bespoke TAG journey combined with a nurturing dedication and commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

The Rabbit offers more than just a restful and quiet contemplation after the fast and busy year of the Tiger. Much like TAG, it moves quickly and intuitively and adapts to its environment, illustrated by TAG’s innovative approach to addressing the needs of its clients, evolving with industry changes and a proactive commitment to seek continuous improvement.

One interpretation of the overall energy of the year will be calm and gentle balance but, just like the swift rabbit, there could also be more travelling which will be welcomed by us all.

So, as we embrace our bold, lucky red logo which signifies good fortune, celebration and vitality, we would like to wish everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year.