TAG celebrates Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

In recognition of this being Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, TAG Aviation decided to embrace some of the ‘Great Women of TAG’

The week serves as a global aviation awareness event held for women and young girls, not only commemorating the issue of the first female pilot’s license, which took place in 1910, but also addressing the gender discrimination in the aviation industry.  

From the 10 individuals highlighted on TAG’s social media platforms this week, spanning our entire organisation, there were a total of 208 years of aviation experience – what an achievement, it surely shows how TAG embraces women in aviation.

This is also evident by having a female CEO heading the European side of the business, Joanne Goodall.  Jo has been in the industry for over 30 years and her highlights include completing her commercial helicopter pilot licence over 20 years ago when female helicopter pilots were few and far between. Another highlight, and one she is most proud of, was becoming CEO of TAG Aviation, a career milestone for Jo as there are only a handful of women in such roles.

Throughout most of the departments within TAG, you will find female employees from Compliance, Customer Relations, Operations, Training, Commercial, Technical, Finance, Marketing, HR and IT. We are also very proud to have a woman in the maintenance division of our Hong Kong base, Mable Law. Mable has worked in the aviation industry for 12 years and has been with TAG for nearly five as an aircraft detailing specialist. Mable was particularly pleased to oversee the cabin disinfection project which allowed TAG to follow a solemn pledge of safety to all our customers during the pandemic.

Women really do feature strongly throughout the company and it’s worth mentioning that our training division, TAG Global Training (TGT) based in Farnborough, is an all women team led by Debbie Elliott who also has over 30 years of aviation experience. Adding this to the experience of her fellow colleagues and instructors, TGT can offer their clients 58 years’ of experience - making them truly worthy of their reputation within the industry.

The outstanding achievements and talents throughout the female TAG employees are numerous, from pilots which also includes a hot air balloon pilot, a gymnast, a flamenco dancer, a mountain biker, a musical theatre performer, an aircraft mechanic, a kickboxer, a painter and international trekkers. We’re very proud to have such a talented team who make up our international female workforce – certainly one to contend with!

With all this said, we sincerely hope this encourages the advancement of women in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests.


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