We care about Health and Safety of you and your loved ones

As your partner in the air, we work tirelessly to ensure you are in safe hands, and have peace of mind during every journey.  As part of our COVID response and prevention process, TAG Aviation is:

  • Conducting regular Personal Health Monitoring of all crew members who come into contact with our clients and aircraft. This includes the measuring of body temperature at least twice a day, and health checks for symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal illness. Furthermore, on request, our crew can have Covid screening done prior to your flight. Should there be any doubt as to the fitness of a crew member to fly, TAG will require such personnel to be cleared for duty by certified medical professionals.
  • Stocking Medical Precautionary Items on board, including digital thermometers, facemasks (adult and child-sized), single-use gloves, alcohol-based hand-gel, sanitizers, disinfectant air spray, cleaning supplies and universal protection kits (UPK). Sanitising and disinfecting the aircraft, prior to, and after your flight, in accordance with MedAire physician prescribed procedures and in line with global Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.
  • Monitoring our catering partners to ensure the adherence to strict hygienic procedures while delivering, storing, and handling all food and beverage items. Our staff is also trained and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to maintain the highest standards of food hygiene and preparation while on board.
  • Ensuring that while on duty, our crew members will be appropriately attired in personal protective equipment, and observe social distancing. They are actively engaged during the flight, as our staff will also apply disinfectant air spray at regular intervals in the cabin and lavatory areas to reduce transmission risk.

TAG continues to monitor the situation, and our teams are working daily with authorities around the world to update standards as the requirements change. Should you have any enquiries about our flights and these procedures, please contact your dedicated service team for further details.