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Le centre de formation TAG Global Training a été fondé en 2007 pour la formation des pilotes et de l’équipage de bord de la compagnie. Son succès a été tel qu’aujourd’hui, nous formons un grand nombre d’équipages du secteur de l'aviation privée selon des normes de qualité, reconnues comme les plus élevées du secteur.

Toutes nos formations ont lieu dans notre centre de formation, situé à l’aéroport de Farnborough et sont conformes aux règles de l’AESA (Agence Européenne de la Sécurité Aérienne) et de DFT (ministère britannique du transport). Les cours peuvent donc tous être pris au même endroit ; un site disposant des derniers équipements pédagogiques, avec une réputation inégalée en matière de formation.

Le centre de formation TAG Global Training dispose de deux services intégrés destinés au personnel corporatif et commercial : Formations au sol TAG Global Training, incluant tous les modules de cours destinés à la formation initiale et récurrente des pilotes et équipages, et la TAG Academy, dédiée à la formation initiale de tout nouveau membre d'équipage.

Les cours du centre de formation TAG Global Training sont dispensés en anglais.

Une palette complète de cours au sol pour équipages et pilotes

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Une session de formation sur mesure pour la formation de base des équipages

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"In many walks of life, it is the exceptional training that underpins everything that we do. The Medical, Military and Police professions spring to mind, and Corporate Aviation is no exception.

Highly regulated industries require the very best instruction and training. TAG Global Training with its world renowned training base is at the top of all Corporate Aviation training providers.

By adopting best practice and striving for training excellence, Debbie Elliot’s team consistently achieves outstanding results for their clients. As a private customer we experienced these outstanding training facilities. For us, 

TAG Global Training is the ‘Go To’ corporate aviation training solution."

- Roland Dangerfield, Managing Director, Sentinel Aviation -

"We signed our partnership with TAG Global Training at EBACE 2014 which has produced a collaborative and productive relationship providing training solutions to the Aviation community.  The professionalism of the TAG Global Training team matches the corporate values of SATCOM Direct and we look forward to continuing this partnership."

- Chris Moore, Chief Commercial Officer, Satcom Direct -

"The Global Family Office Community is often approached by training companies that would like access to our network of Family Office members. When meeting TAG Global Training, it was obvious that they share the same discretionary values that our members expect. Therefore it was a natural choice for us to introduce TAG Global's bespoke training to staff of the family offices, whilst gaining access to the private jet market via TAG Aviation all under one roof. I look forward to a long working partnership with Debbie and her team."

- Vahe Vartanian, Founder and CEO, Global Family Office Community -

"Since 2008 I’ve attended various recurrent training courses with TAG Global Training. I always enjoy the courses and find the instructors knowledgeable and professional. This is why, in 2016, when applying for my own AOC, I didn’t hesitate in selecting TAG Global Training as the providers of ground training for our flight crew."

- John Jackson, Director and Accountable Manager -

"TAG Global Training is an extremely professional and friendly company. The Instructors and staff have a wealth of experience and are very knowledgeable making each course informative, well structured and enjoyable. The whole team go out of their way to accommodate any requirements that we may have. TAG Global Training will continue to be our preferred partner Ground Courses and we would highly recommend their services."

- Richard Moritz, Senior Operations Controller, Executive Jet Charter -

"Our partnership with TAG Global Training has expanded more than a decade. We are proud to work alongside such a prestigious and well established training company, who in turn have supported Absolute Taste in all our ventures throughout the years. As TGT continues to flourish we look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship."

- Alexandra Evans, General Manager Absolute Taste London -

"I have been using TAG Training since 2007, originally as a member of the TAG team and latterly with other independent AOC business' for our crew ground training requirements. I have consistently found the whole team to be efficient, friendly and always willing to help. 

The courses are professionally conducted and cover all the necessary regulatory requirements to a high standard. It is also important and healthy for us independent operators to have access to high quality training which introduces mixed crew courses to improve information and knowledge sharing amongst business jet operators, particularly when it comes to SMS and CRM."



- Lee McConnell, Director of ORTAC Operations Management LTD -