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Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)

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Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)

Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)

This course, delivered via e-learning, provides a comprehensive overview of all MNPS Operations from a Business Aviation perspective. It includes a review of the newly designated North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA) and Reduced Lateral Separation Tracks. The course is fully compliant and based on the latest EASA regulation. Resource material is provided online.
The NAT HLA (MNPS) course certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course Duration: 90 minutes



  • Operational Approval and Aircraft System Requirements for Flight in the NAT MNPS Airspace
  • Construction of the Organised Track System (OTS)
  • Other Routes and Route Structures within or adjacent to NAT MNPS Airspace
  • Flight Planning
  • Oceanic ATC Clearances
  • Communication and Position Reporting Procedures
  • Application of Mach Number Technique
  • MNPS Flight Operation and Navigation Procedures
  • ATS Surveillance Services in MNPS Airspace
  • Monitoring of Aircraft Systems and Crew Performance
  • Procedures in the event of Navigation System Degradation or Failure
  • Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies
  • Check List for Pilots operating in NAT MNPS Airspace
  • Guarding Against Complacency
  • The Preventions of Deviations from Track as a result of Waypoint Insertion Errors