Global Aromas

TAG creates 4 unique fragrances for its clients this Christmas 

As a festive thank you to its clients this year, TAG Aviation will be sending them a collection of bespoke fragrances in the form of scented candles to indulge their yearning for travel, blend into their lifestyle whilst highlighting the company’s global footprint. 

Each candle will evoke fragrances associated with the four TAG’s AOCs: Cayman, Malta, San Marino and the UK. Presented in elegant packaging, the set of four bespoke candles will invite clients to enjoy the ambience and aromas of these highly individualistic locations. 

The specially formulated bouquets comprise: 

Cayman – ‘Ocean Walk’, A combination of citrus, pine, patchouli, amber, cedarwood, leather and ylang ylang. 

Malta – ‘Sea Breeze’ - A blend of fig, sea salt, thyme and jasmine. 

San Marino – ‘Mountain Musk’, A mix of citrus zest, magnolia, cedarwood, amber, moss and white musk. 

UK – ‘Rose Garden’, A fusion of cherry blossom, jasmine, dry woods and rose. 

The 4 candles will be presented as one gift along with the individual candles so to maximise the offering. 

The initiative will then continue with the introduction of more fragrances representing TAG’s bases in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Macau and Singapore. Having been introduced initially in candle form to be used in the home, these fragrances will then develop into room sprays and diffusers so they can be utilised on clients’ aircraft, thus creating an onboard aromatic signature that is uniquely TAG.