TAG Aviation fully implements PART CAMO for both its Maltese and UK AOCs

TAG Aviation is pleased to have fully implemented Part CAMO for both its Malta (EU) and UK AOCs. This change in airworthiness approval introduces a Safety Management System (SMS) into the airworthiness process, which expands the key role of Safety Manager to enhance safety and minimize risks to airworthiness. TAG’s team have worked hard with the regulators and are delighted to have received the Part CAMO without any audit findings. Having a well-established SMS attached to the operation for many years, this approval recognises an already mature system in place across the organisation.

TAG Aviation in Europe has also gained agreement across all its AOCs to utilise an industry-leading digital Tech Log system, which offer benefits to both crew and clients in the access to operational data about their aircraft anywhere and at any time.

These two achievements are a further demonstration of TAG’s uncompromising and unrivalled commitment to safety and reliability, which have been central to the business since its inception in 1966.

Such a safety culture is underpinned by its People, Process, & Technology, and when combined with the SPIRIT core values, confirms TAG’s continued dedication to providing high quality, bespoke services for its clients. This unique ‘Technique d’Avant Garde’ approach integrates the functions of delivering airworthiness and technical operations to its clients and involves innovative methods of acquiring and applying data intelligence.

TAG would like to recognize the important contributions of its team members working alongside the regulators at TM-CAD and UK CAA in their combined effort to establish new and innovative approaches in the field of safety management.

“With safety always being our top priority, we are very proud that, thanks to great teamwork, we have managed to reach this milestone of being fully implemented Part CAMO. We are pleased to say that because our Airworthiness Department was already integrated within our SMS since implementation and before Part CAMO regulations were mandated, our transition was completely smooth and it is now approved and part of the industry standard”.

Stephanie Vella Gera - Head of Safety and Compliance, TAG Aviation Europe

“Since joining TAG Aviation just under three years ago, the rate of new and innovative business transformation has been astounding to witness, whilst at all times remaining true to TAG's core business values. Such business transformation is imperative to the company staying current and ahead of the market, which is only possible within a culture of safety and continual improvement - core elements to TAG's mature safety management system that has evolved over many years. Unquestionably our team's resolve in delivering these considerable changes over such a challenging period makes me proud to be part of the TAG family and serves to affirm TAG’s partnerships and commitment to its clients for many years to come.”

Olly Walters - Technical Director, TAG Aviation Europe