Due to our extensive knowledge of the industry, we are in a unique position to evaluate your needs, source the best aircraft, and negotiate its purchase. Factory new or pre-owned, our Aircraft Acquisition Service provides a complete review of all the options based on your operational and financial expectation. We can also help in the sale of the aircraft or exchange within the aircraft’s lifecycle.

Factory New Aircraft

Factory New Aircraft

TAG has formed excellent relationships with the major aircraft manufacturers over the years which offers our clients a significant advantage when purchasing a factory new aircraft.  We will work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of the acquisition are conducted in your best interests, and even advise on the selection of options, equipment and maintenance programs. 

Throughout the production process, our team of specialists will be in attendance to verify that each stage of the aircraft’s construction has been carried out correctly and to the detailed specification.

Pre-Owned Aircraft

Pre-Owned Aircraft

We will use our expertise and resources to locate an aircraft to fit your precise specifications.  From preliminary discussions to final entry into service, our experts will assist you with every stage of the acquisition process.

TAG will also assist with any modifications or upgrades that you wish to implement to the aircraft.

We will also advise on the Aircraft Purchase Agreement

TAG Can Support Your Entire Journey

TAG Can Support Your Entire Journey

Bespoke Technical TAG Support


Preliminary Inspection

A preliminary inspection of an aircraft is your opportunity to research and investigate your potential investment before committing any more money to the purchase process. The preliminary inspection should include a thorough inspection of the mechanical as well as the cosmetic condition of the aircraft. In addition, TAG can carry out a preliminary records review to ensure that the regulatory records of the aircraft are up to date. An often-overlooked step of the pre-buy is investigating which modifications repairs are legally installed on the aircraft as this could have an impact on the choice of registry of your aircraft.
This is a highly recommended service to be performed before the sales and purchase agreement has been finalised. Many things can add affect the value of an aircraft; our experience team can guide you in the right direction to avoid costly pitfalls at a later stage.

Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

A critical requirement for the purchase process of an aircraft is the Pre-Purchase Inspection. The PPI work scope will depend on the age and maintenance inspection cycle of the aircraft. Typically, a PPI will consist of a maintenance inspection of the aircraft and a thorough records review. Full systems check in-flight is highly recommend along with a borescope of the engines and APU even for young aircraft. Engaging TAG’s services to oversee and scrutinize the PPI process adds value for you the buyer.

Technical Acceptance

A detailed technical acceptance process that has been thoroughly documented is critical, let us take care of this. This should include processes to address unconditional technical acceptance, conditional technical acceptance and rejection.

Entry into Service

Preparation for the aircraft’s entry into service/operation needs to begin well in advance of the transaction closing. It is integral to the coordination of the final closing of the purchase transaction. Engaging your aircraft management company as early as possible to facilitate a smooth purchase transaction and a timely entry into service for your first flight is vital.

Letter of Intention

TAG will assist in price negotiation and support in the establishment of a Letter of Intent (LOI)

Consult with our expert to get a customised solution for your private aviation needs.

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